Next Dhanteras holiday is on

22nd October 2022, Saturday

What is Dhanteras?


Dhanteras is a religious Hindu day that is observed in India as the festival of Diwali, and in Nepal as the festival of Tihar. It falls on the 13th lunar day in the month of Karthik, which corresponds with the Gregorian’s months of October and November. On that day, the Hindu god of medicine, Dhanvantari, is widely worshipped – praying to him for a long healthy life, free of diseases.

When is Dhanteras?

How long until Dhanteras?
Next Dhanteras takes place in 20 Days.
Dates of Dhanteras
2023 Friday10th Nov
2022 Saturday22nd Oct
2021 Tuesday2nd Nov
2020 Friday13th Nov
2019 Friday25th Oct
2018 Monday5th Nov
2017 Tuesday17th Oct
2016 Friday28th Oct
2015 Monday9th Nov
1 Day

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