When is Dhanteras 2023?

Dhanteras 2023 is on Friday 10th Nov, 2023 (10/11/2023) in 285 days

What is Dhanteras?


Dhanteras is a religious Hindu day that is observed in India as the festival of Diwali, and in Nepal as the festival of Tihar. It falls on the 13th lunar day in the month of Karthik, which corresponds with the Gregorian’s months of October and November. On that day, the Hindu god of medicine, Dhanvantari, is widely worshipped – praying to him for a long healthy life, free of diseases.

Dates for Dhanteras from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Dhanteras is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Dhanteras 2030ThursdayOct 24th in 2825 days
Dhanteras 2029SundayNov 4th in 2471 days
Dhanteras 2028SundayOct 15th in 2086 days
Dhanteras 2027WednesdayOct 27th in 1732 days
Dhanteras 2026FridayNov 6th in 1377 days
Dhanteras 2025SaturdayOct 18th in 993 days
Dhanteras 2024TuesdayOct 29th in 639 days
Dhanteras 2023FridayNov 10th in 285 days
Dhanteras 2022SaturdayOct 22nd 98 days ago
Dhanteras 2021TuesdayNov 2nd 452 days ago
Dhanteras 2020FridayNov 13th 806 days ago
Dhanteras 2019FridayOct 25th 1191 days ago
Dhanteras 2018MondayNov 5th 1545 days ago
Dhanteras 2017TuesdayOct 17th 1929 days ago
Dhanteras 2016FridayOct 28th 2283 days ago
Dhanteras 2015MondayNov 9th 2637 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateNov 10, 2023
When? Starts in 285 days
Duration1 Day
Type Hindu Holidays

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