Next Thaipusam holiday is on

11th February 2025, Tuesday

What is Thaipusam?


Thaipusam is festival in the Tamil culture, which celebrates the defeat of the evil demon Soorapadman on the hands of the Hindu god of war, Kartikeya. It usually coincides with the full moon in the month of Thai, on the Tamil calendar, which falls within the period of January and February, according to the Gregorian calendar. It is considered as a national holiday in the countries which host a substantial number of Tamils, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Republic of Mauritius. In Singapore, however, Thaipusam was removed from the list of national holidays.

Thaipusam also known as

When is Thaipusam?

How long until Thaipusam?
Next Thaipusam takes place in 347 Days.
Dates of Thaipusam
2030 Saturday19th Jan
2029 Tuesday30th Jan
2028 Wednesday9th Feb
2027 Friday22nd Jan
2026 Sunday1st Feb
2025 Tuesday11th Feb
2024 Thursday25th Jan
2023 Sunday5th Feb
2022 Tuesday18th Jan
2021 Thursday28th Jan
2020 Saturday8th Feb
2019 Monday21st Jan
2018 Wednesday31st Jan
2017 Friday10th Feb
2016 Sunday24th Jan
2015 Tuesday3rd Feb
1 Day

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