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21st March 2025, Friday

What is Eid Norooz?

Eid Norooz

Eid Nowruz is the title given to the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year, which has been observed by several communities for more than 3,000 years despite its Zoroastrian radices. The observance usually falls on the 21st of March, coinciding with the March equinox, with various festivities according to each country, although commonly, people gather and dance together to welcome the spring season. Eid Nowruz has roots in traditional Iranian religions –pre-Islamic era– such as Zoroastrianism. In Zoroastrianism, atar (fire) is a primary symbol of sight and goodness, and was used by Zoroastrians to defy Angra Mainyu, the omnimalevolent demon; symbolizing their hatred for evil. Whereas in Kurdish legends, the day commemorates the salvation of the Kurds from a despot, and it is viewed as a way of showing support for the Kurdish cause.

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When is Eid Norooz?

How long until Eid Norooz?
Next Eid Norooz takes place in 279 Days.
Dates of Eid Norooz
2030 Thursday21st Mar
2029 Wednesday21st Mar
2028 Tuesday21st Mar
2027 Sunday21st Mar
2026 Saturday21st Mar
2025 Friday21st Mar
2024 Thursday21st Mar
2023 Tuesday21st Mar
2022 Monday21st Mar
2021 Sunday21st Mar
2020 Saturday21st Mar
2019 Thursday21st Mar
2018 Wednesday21st Mar
2017 Tuesday21st Mar
2016 Monday21st Mar
2015 Saturday21st Mar
1 Day

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