Next Passover holiday is on

5th April 2023, Wednesday

What is Passover?


Passover is one of the crucial festivals in the Jewish religion that is also known as Pesach. The celebration begins on the evening of the 14th day of Nisan and lasts eight days in the Diaspora and nearly seven days in Israel.

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When is Passover?

How long until Passover?
Next Passover takes place in 121 Days.
Dates of Passover
Yearstarts onends on
2024 22nd Apr29th Apr
2023 5th Apr12th Apr
2022 16th Apr23rd Apr
2021 27th Mar4th Apr
2020 8th Apr16th Apr
2019 19th Apr27th Apr
2018 30th Mar7th Apr
2017 10th Apr18th Apr
2016 22nd Apr30th Apr
2015 3rd Apr11th Apr
1823 Days

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