When is Passover 2028?

Passover 2028 will begin in the evening of Tuesday 11th Apr, 2028 (11/04/2028) and ends in the nightfall of Monday 17th Apr, 2028 (17/04/2028).

What is Passover?


Passover is one of the crucial festivals in the Jewish religion that is also known as Pesach. The celebration begins on the evening of the 14th day of Nisan and lasts eight days in the Diaspora and nearly seven days in Israel.

Dates for Passover from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Passover is marked in red

When is ...?starts onends onDays away
Passover 2030Friday 19th Apr, 2030Wednesday 24th Apr, 2030 starts in 2131 days
Passover 2029Sunday 1st Apr, 2029Friday 6th Apr, 2029 starts in 1748 days
Passover 2028Wednesday 12th Apr, 2028Monday 17th Apr, 2028 starts in 1394 days
Passover 2027Friday 23rd Apr, 2027Wednesday 28th Apr, 2027 starts in 1039 days
Passover 2026Friday 3rd Apr, 2026Wednesday 8th Apr, 2026 starts in 654 days
Passover 2025Sunday 13th Apr, 2025Saturday 19th Apr, 2025 starts in 299 days
Passover 2024Tuesday 23rd Apr, 2024Tuesday 30th Apr, 2024 ended 48 days ago
Passover 2023Thursday 6th Apr, 2023Wednesday 12th Apr, 2023 ended 432 days ago
Passover 2022Saturday 16th Apr, 2022Saturday 23rd Apr, 2022 ended 786 days ago
Passover 2021Saturday 27th Mar, 2021Sunday 4th Apr, 2021 ended 1170 days ago
Passover 2020Wednesday 8th Apr, 2020Thursday 16th Apr, 2020 ended 1523 days ago
Passover 2019Friday 19th Apr, 2019Saturday 27th Apr, 2019 ended 1878 days ago
Passover 2018Friday 30th Mar, 2018Saturday 7th Apr, 2018 ended 2263 days ago
Passover 2017Monday 10th Apr, 2017Tuesday 18th Apr, 2017 ended 2617 days ago
Passover 2016Friday 22nd Apr, 2016Saturday 30th Apr, 2016 ended 2970 days ago
Passover 2015Friday 3rd Apr, 2015Saturday 11th Apr, 2015 ended 3355 days ago
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Quick Facts

BeginSunset: Apr 11, 2028
End DateNightfall: Apr 17, 2028
When? Starts in 1394 days
Duration6 Days
Type Jewish Holidays

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