When is Purim 2024?

Purim 2024 started on the evening of Saturday 23rd Mar, 2024 (23/03/2024) and ended in the nightfall of Monday 25th Mar, 2024 (25/03/2024).

What is Purim?


This day is considered as the most colorful and joyful day of Jewish holidays. This day's story took place in the capital of the Persian Empire, Shushan, during the third year of King Ahashverosh's reign. The victory of the Jews over the persecution is honored by this feast which was mentioned in great detail in "Esther Meguila".

Dates for Purim from 2015 to 2024

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When is ...?starts onends onDays away
Purim 2024Sunday 24th Mar, 2024Monday 25th Mar, 2024 ended 65 days ago
Purim 2023Tuesday 7th Mar, 2023Wednesday 8th Mar, 2023 ended 448 days ago
Purim 2022Thursday 17th Mar, 2022Friday 18th Mar, 2022 ended 803 days ago
Purim 2021Friday 26th Feb, 2021Saturday 27th Feb, 2021 ended 1187 days ago
Purim 2020Tuesday 10th Mar, 2020Wednesday 11th Mar, 2020 ended 1540 days ago
Purim 2019Thursday 21st Mar, 2019Friday 22nd Mar, 2019 ended 1895 days ago
Purim 2018Thursday 1st Mar, 2018Friday 2nd Mar, 2018 ended 2280 days ago
Purim 2017Sunday 12th Mar, 2017Monday 13th Mar, 2017 ended 2634 days ago
Purim 2016Thursday 24th Mar, 2016Friday 25th Mar, 2016 ended 2987 days ago
Purim 2015Thursday 5th Mar, 2015Friday 6th Mar, 2015 ended 3372 days ago
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Quick Facts

BeginSunset: Mar 23, 2024
End DateNightfall: Mar 25, 2024
When? Ended 65 days ago
Duration2 Days
Type Jewish Holidays

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