When is Sukkot 2024?

Sukkot 2024 is on Thursday 17th Oct, 2024 (17/10/2024) in 2034 days and ends on Wednesday 23rd Oct, 2024 (23/10/2024) in 2040 days

Noteworthy, with reference to the Jewish calendar, a holiday starts on the sunset of the prior day; meaning that Sukkot 2024 will be observed on the sunset of Wednesday 16th Oct, 2024.

What is Sukkot?


In the tradition of the Jews, there are three “Pilgrim Festivals”. The first one is the Passover that is celebrated to honor the memory of the exodus from the Egypt. The second is the Shavuot that commemorates the giving of Torah at Mountain Sinai. The third and last is the Sukkot which is a celebration that honors the memory of the huts which were places to live for the Prophet Moses and the Israelites for forty years in the desert.

Dates for Sukkot from 2015 to 2024

The next occurrence of Sukkot is marked in red

When is ...?starts onends onDays away
Sukkot 2024Thursday 17th Oct, 2024Wednesday 23rd Oct, 2024 starts in 2034 days
Sukkot 2023Saturday 30th Sep, 2023Friday 6th Oct, 2023 starts in 1651 days
Sukkot 2022Monday 10th Oct, 2022Sunday 16th Oct, 2022 starts in 1296 days
Sukkot 2021Tuesday 21st Sep, 2021Monday 27th Sep, 2021 starts in 912 days
Sukkot 2020Friday 2nd Oct, 2020Friday 9th Oct, 2020 starts in 558 days
Sukkot 2019Sunday 13th Oct, 2019Sunday 20th Oct, 2019 starts in 203 days
Sukkot 2018Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018Sunday 30th Sep, 2018 ended 174 days ago
Sukkot 2017Thursday 5th Oct, 2017Wednesday 11th Oct, 2017 ended 528 days ago
Sukkot 2016Monday 17th Oct, 2016Sunday 23rd Oct, 2016 ended 881 days ago
Sukkot 2015Monday 28th Sep, 2015Sunday 4th Oct, 2015 ended 1266 days ago
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Quick Facts

DateOct 17, 2024
End DateOct 23, 2024
When? Starts in 2034 days
Duration7 Days
Type Jewish Holidays

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