Next Sukkot holiday is on

1st October 2023, Sunday

What is Sukkot?


In the tradition of the Jews, there are three "Pilgrimage Festivals". The first is "Passover" which is celebrated to honor the memory of the exodus from Egypt. The second is "Pentecost" or "Shavuot" which commemorates the revelation of the Torah on Mount Sinai. The third and final is "Tabernacles" or "Sukkot" which is a celebration that honors the huts which were the places where the prophet Moses and the Israelites lived for forty years in the desert.

Sukkot also celebrated in

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When is Sukkot?

How long until Sukkot?
Next Sukkot takes place in 10 Days.
Dates of Sukkot
Yearstarts onends on
2024 18th Oct23rd Oct
2023 1st Oct6th Oct
2022 11th Oct16th Oct
2021 22nd Sep27th Sep
2020 3rd Oct9th Oct
2019 14th Oct20th Oct
2018 24th Sep30th Sep
2017 6th Oct11th Oct
2016 18th Oct23rd Oct
2015 29th Sep4th Oct
1441 Days

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