Next Lailat al Miraj holiday is on

27th January 2025, Monday

What is Lailat al Miraj?

Lailat al Miraj

The other name of Lailat al Miraj is Shab-e-Miraj. It is the night where we celebrate the Isra’ and Miraj (the Night Journey and the Ascension) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) when he traveled from Mecca to Al-Haram As-Sharif (the Temple Mount). He (Peace be upon him) was lifted up to heaven until he reached Paradise where he (peace be upon him) met all the prophets along the way before meeting Allah finally (He saw only the light of Allah).

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When is Lailat al Miraj?

How long until Lailat al Miraj?
Next Lailat al Miraj takes place in 244 Days.
Dates of Lailat al Miraj
2030 Saturday23rd Nov
2029 Monday3rd Dec
2028 Thursday14th Dec
2027 Saturday25th Dec
2027 Tuesday5th Jan
2026 Friday16th Jan
2025 Monday27th Jan
2024 Thursday8th Feb
2023 Saturday18th Feb
2022 Monday28th Feb
2021 Thursday11th Mar
2020 Sunday22nd Mar
2019 Wednesday3rd Apr
2018 Friday13th Apr
2017 Monday24th Apr
2016 Wednesday4th May
2015 Saturday16th May
1 Day

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