Next National Day in Qatar holiday is on

18th December 2024, Wednesday

What is National Day in Qatar?

National Day in Qatar

The National Day of Qatar is a holiday which celebrates the unification of the Qatari peninsula under the reign of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani –also known as The Founder– in 1878. Formerly, the day was observed on the 3rd of September, coinciding with the Qatari Independence Day. However, in 2007, Crown Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani issued a dictum that changed the observance day to the 18th of December; to correspond with the day of unification.

When is National Day in Qatar?

How long until National Day in Qatar?
Next National Day in Qatar takes place in 204 Days.
Dates of National Day in Qatar
2030 Wednesday18th Dec
2029 Tuesday18th Dec
2028 Monday18th Dec
2027 Saturday18th Dec
2026 Friday18th Dec
2025 Thursday18th Dec
2024 Wednesday18th Dec
2023 Monday18th Dec
2022 Sunday18th Dec
2021 Saturday18th Dec
2020 Friday18th Dec
2019 Wednesday18th Dec
2018 Tuesday18th Dec
2017 Monday18th Dec
2016 Sunday18th Dec
2015 Friday18th Dec
1 Day

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