Next Evacuation Day holiday is on

17th April 2020, Friday

What is Evacuation Day?

Evacuation Day

Syrians celebrate Evacuation Day on the 17th of April, which marks the repatriation of the French army from their land, and the commencement of national sovereignty in 1946.

Evacuation Day also known as

When is Evacuation Day?

How long until Evacuation Day?
Next Evacuation Day takes place in 56 Days.
Dates of Evacuation Day
2024 Wednesday17th Apr
2023 Monday17th Apr
2022 Sunday17th Apr
2021 Saturday17th Apr
2020 Friday17th Apr
2019 Wednesday17th Apr
2018 Tuesday17th Apr
2017 Monday17th Apr
2016 Sunday17th Apr
2015 Friday17th Apr
1 Day

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