Next Columbus Day holiday is on

14th October 2024, Monday

What is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a national holiday in several countries of the Americans which commemorates the advent of Christopher Columbus to the Americans on the 12th of October, 1492, according to the Julian calendar. Columbus was an Italian explorer who spent three months in the Atlantic Ocean in an endeavor to find a faster route across the waters to the New World. The discovery of the New World commenced the Columbian Exchange – the reciprocity of goods, culture, and populations betwixt the old and the new world.

When is Columbus Day?

How long until Columbus Day?
Next Columbus Day takes place in 182 Days.
Dates of Columbus Day
2030 Monday14th Oct
2029 Monday8th Oct
2028 Monday9th Oct
2027 Monday11th Oct
2026 Monday12th Oct
2025 Monday13th Oct
2024 Monday14th Oct
2023 Monday9th Oct
2022 Monday10th Oct
2021 Monday11th Oct
2020 Monday12th Oct
2019 Monday14th Oct
2018 Monday8th Oct
2017 Monday9th Oct
2016 Monday10th Oct
2015 Monday12th Oct
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