Next Memorial Day holiday is on

25th May 2020, Monday

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day

The United States has a federal holiday yclept Memorial Day, which is dedicated to honoring those who died whilst serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. Formerly, the day was observed on the 30th of May until 1970. However, nowadays, the day is habitually commemorated annually on the last Monday of May.

Memorial Day unofficially marks the outset of the summer vacation season in the United States, whilst Labor Day is considered as the end of it. Likewise, in Canada, Victoria Day denotes the start of summer, however, it falls one week prior to Memorial Day.

Memorial Day also known as

When is Memorial Day?

How long until Memorial Day?
Next Memorial Day takes place in 225 Days.
Dates of Memorial Day
2024 Monday27th May
2023 Monday29th May
2022 Monday30th May
2021 Monday31st May
2020 Monday25th May
2019 Monday27th May
2018 Monday28th May
2017 Monday29th May
2016 Monday30th May
2015 Monday25th May
1 Day

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