Next Asalha Puja holiday is on

3rd July 2023, Monday

What is Asalha Puja?

Asalha Puja

The day of Asalha Puja honors the Buddha's first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares, India, and the foundation of the Buddhist Sangha. In Thailand, it is also known as "Asanha Puja" or "Dhamma Day". The day is observed by listening to sermons and presenting offerings to the temples.

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When is Asalha Puja?

How long until Asalha Puja?
Next Asalha Puja takes place in 279 Days.
Dates of Asalha Puja
2024 Sunday21st Jul
2023 Monday3rd Jul
2022 Wednesday13th Jul
2021 Saturday24th Jul
2020 Saturday4th Jul
2019 Tuesday16th Jul
2018 Friday27th Jul
2017 Sunday9th Jul
2016 Friday15th Jul
2015 Monday30th Nov
1 Day

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