When is Asalha Puja 2022?

Asalha Puja 2022 started on Wednesday 13th Jul, 2022 (13/07/2022) 324 days ago

What is Asalha Puja?

Asalha Puja

The day of Asalha Puja honors the Buddha's first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares, India, and the foundation of the Buddhist Sangha. In Thailand, it is also known as "Asanha Puja" or "Dhamma Day". The day is observed by listening to sermons and presenting offerings to the temples.

Dates for Asalha Puja from 2015 to 2026

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Asalha Puja 2026WednesdayJul 29th in 1152 days
Asalha Puja 2025ThursdayJul 10th in 768 days
Asalha Puja 2024SundayJul 21st in 414 days
Asalha Puja 2023MondayJul 3rd in 30 days
Asalha Puja 2022WednesdayJul 13th 324 days ago
Asalha Puja 2021SaturdayJul 24th 678 days ago
Asalha Puja 2020SaturdayJul 4th 1063 days ago
Asalha Puja 2019TuesdayJul 16th 1417 days ago
Asalha Puja 2018FridayJul 27th 1771 days ago
Asalha Puja 2017SundayJul 9th 2154 days ago
Asalha Puja 2016FridayJul 15th 2513 days ago
Asalha Puja 2015ThursdayJul 30th 2864 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateJul 13, 2022
When? Ended 324 days ago
Duration1 Day
Type Buddhist Holidays

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