Next Victoria Day holiday is on

20th May 2024, Monday

What is Victoria Day?

Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday named after Queen Victoria, and is celebrated on the Monday prior to the 25th of May in 10 provinces. The weekend of Victoria Day is regarded as the unofficial end of winter, where gardeners start planting crops; recreational home owners start preparing their homes which are located in the colder parts of the country for the summer season; and various amusement parks open up in preparation of summer.

The festivities of the day are comprised of fireworks display –most notably in Toronto and Hamilton– and parades, where one of the most prominent parades is held in British Columbia, more precisely, in the city of Victoria.

When is Victoria Day?

How long until Victoria Day?
Next Victoria Day takes place in 33 Days.
Dates of Victoria Day
2030 Monday20th May
2029 Monday21st May
2028 Monday22nd May
2027 Monday24th May
2026 Monday18th May
2025 Monday19th May
2024 Monday20th May
2023 Monday22nd May
2022 Monday23rd May
2021 Monday24th May
2020 Monday18th May
2019 Monday20th May
2018 Monday21st May
2017 Monday22nd May
2016 Monday23rd May
2015 Monday18th May
1 Day

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