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26th December 2020, Saturday

What is Saint Stephen's Day?

Saint Stephen's Day

Christians have a special day called Saint Stephen’s Day, which memorializes the first Christian martyr, Saint Stephen. The day is celebrated on different days according to each Christian denomination – falling on the 26th of December in the Latin Church, and the 27th of December in the Eastern Orthodox Church; adhering to the Julian calendar, which coincides with the 9th of January on the Gregorian calendar. Whereas in Latin Christianity, St. Stephen’s Day is the second day of Christmastide.

Saint Stephen's Day also known as

When is Saint Stephen's Day?

How long until Saint Stephen's Day?
Next Saint Stephen's Day takes place in 141 Days.
Dates of Saint Stephen's Day
2024 Thursday26th Dec
2023 Tuesday26th Dec
2022 Monday26th Dec
2021 Sunday26th Dec
2020 Saturday26th Dec
2019 Thursday26th Dec
2018 Wednesday26th Dec
2017 Tuesday26th Dec
2016 Monday26th Dec
2015 Saturday26th Dec
1 Day

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