When is Candlemas 2026?

Candlemas 2026 is on Monday 2nd Feb, 2026 (02/02/2026) in 864 days

What is Candlemas?


This day is known as the feast of the Presentation of the Lord Jesus and the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a holy Christian day that honors Jesus’s presentation to the temple, an event narrated in the Gospel according to Luke 2: 22-40.

In reference to Leviticus 12: every woman had to be presented for purification by offering her sacrifices 33 days after the circumcision of her boy.

Dates for Candlemas from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Candlemas is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Candlemas 2030SaturdayFeb 2nd in 2325 days
Candlemas 2029FridayFeb 2nd in 1960 days
Candlemas 2028WednesdayFeb 2nd in 1594 days
Candlemas 2027TuesdayFeb 2nd in 1229 days
Candlemas 2026MondayFeb 2nd in 864 days
Candlemas 2025SundayFeb 2nd in 499 days
Candlemas 2024FridayFeb 2nd in 133 days
Candlemas 2023ThursdayFeb 2nd 231 days ago
Candlemas 2022WednesdayFeb 2nd 596 days ago
Candlemas 2021TuesdayFeb 2nd 961 days ago
Candlemas 2020SundayFeb 2nd 1327 days ago
Candlemas 2019SaturdayFeb 2nd 1692 days ago
Candlemas 2018FridayFeb 2nd 2057 days ago
Candlemas 2017ThursdayFeb 2nd 2422 days ago
Candlemas 2016TuesdayFeb 2nd 2788 days ago
Candlemas 2015MondayFeb 2nd 3153 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateFeb 2, 2026
When? Starts in 864 days
Duration1 Day
Type Christian Holidays

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