Next Thanksgiving holiday is on

28th November 2024, Thursday

What is Thanksgiving?


The winter holiday season in the United States comprises various national holidays, one of which is Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It was inaugurated in 1789 with an edict by George Washington, originally as a harvest festival. However, it was celebrated intermittently then as many officials –including Thomas Jefferson– repudiated to partake in it, until the dawn of Abraham Lincoln, who has declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November in 1863. The celebration day of Thanksgiving was changed under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the fourth Thursday of November – a date which is perennial to this day.

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When is Thanksgiving?

How long until Thanksgiving?
Next Thanksgiving takes place in 353 Days.
Dates of Thanksgiving
2030 Thursday28th Nov
2029 Thursday22nd Nov
2028 Thursday23rd Nov
2027 Thursday25th Nov
2026 Thursday26th Nov
2025 Thursday27th Nov
2024 Thursday28th Nov
2023 Thursday23rd Nov
2022 Thursday24th Nov
2021 Thursday25th Nov
2020 Thursday26th Nov
2019 Thursday28th Nov
2018 Thursday22nd Nov
2017 Thursday23rd Nov
2016 Thursday24th Nov
2015 Thursday26th Nov
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