Next Fasching holiday is on

3rd March 2025, Monday

What is Fasching?


Carnival is an annual festival that is celebrated in Western Christian and Greek Orthodox countries. It typically falls during the week prior to Lent, and it is usually observed outdoors with an assortment of festivities, including dancing, music, and processions.

The festival is celebrated differently according to each region, accompanied by a different name and duration. For instance, it is referred to as Fasnet in Swabia; Fasching in Bavaria and Austria; and Fosnat in Franconia.

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When is Fasching?

How long until Fasching?
Next Fasching takes place in 365 Days.
Dates of Fasching
2030 Monday4th Mar
2029 Monday12th Feb
2028 Monday28th Feb
2027 Monday8th Feb
2026 Monday16th Feb
2025 Monday3rd Mar
2024 Monday12th Feb
2023 Monday20th Feb
2022 Monday28th Feb
2021 Monday15th Feb
2020 Monday24th Feb
2019 Monday4th Mar
2018 Monday12th Feb
2017 Monday27th Feb
2016 Monday8th Feb
2015 Monday16th Feb
1 Day

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