Next Ashura holiday is on

16th July 2024, Tuesday

What is Ashura?


Achoura means "Tenth" in the Arabic language. That day corresponds to the peak of the memory of the first month of the Islamic year, Muharram. It is the day of mourning. In the eyes of Shia Muslims, this day honors the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, who was the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This occurred in the year 61 H (680 AD) during the fierce and ruthless battle of Kerbala.

Achoura is a traditional date that also honors some of the great events of the past, such as the construction of the Kaaba, the birth of Prophet Abraham, and it is also on this date that the ark of Prophet Noah landed.

Ashura also known as

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When is Ashura?

How long until Ashura?
Next Ashura takes place in 133 Days.
Dates of Ashura
2030 Sunday12th May
2029 Wednesday23rd May
2028 Saturday3rd Jun
2027 Tuesday15th Jun
2026 Thursday25th Jun
2025 Saturday5th Jul
2024 Tuesday16th Jul
2023 Friday28th Jul
2022 Monday8th Aug
2021 Wednesday18th Aug
2020 Saturday29th Aug
2019 Monday9th Sep
2018 Thursday20th Sep
2017 Saturday30th Sep
2016 Tuesday11th Oct
2015 Friday23rd Oct
1 Day

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