Next Lailat al Bara'a holiday is on

14th February 2025, Friday

What is Lailat al Bara'a?

Lailat al Bara'a

Lailat al Bara'a is always remembered in the Muslim community, but for different and distinct reasons.

In the Sunni context, this is a night where Muslims worship Allah and seek refuge with Him. It is at this night that Allah decides the fate of all people living on Earth for the coming year. It is also called the Night of Emancipation.

From the Shiite point of view, this is the date of Al Imam al-Mahdi's birth. The Shiites believe that he will be the twelfth and last Imam of Shia. Apart from that, al-Mahdi is considered a key figure in Islam as Muslims believe that upon his arrival he will spread absolute justice in a world full of pure evil and that he will establish Islam as the world religion.

Lailat al Bara'a also known as

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When is Lailat al Bara'a?

How long until Lailat al Bara'a?
Next Lailat al Bara'a takes place in 217 Days.
Dates of Lailat al Bara'a
2030 Tuesday10th Dec
2029 Friday21st Dec
2028 Sunday31st Dec
2028 Wednesday12th Jan
2027 Saturday23rd Jan
2026 Tuesday3rd Feb
2025 Friday14th Feb
2024 Sunday25th Feb
2023 Tuesday7th Mar
2022 Friday18th Mar
2021 Sunday28th Mar
2020 Wednesday8th Apr
2020 Wednesday8th Apr
2019 Saturday20th Apr
2018 Tuesday1st May
2017 Thursday11th May
2016 Sunday22nd May
2015 Tuesday2nd Jun
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