When is La Mercè 2015?

La Mercè 2015 started on Thursday 24th Sep, 2015 (24/09/2015) 2924 days ago

What is La Mercè?

La Mercè

La Mercè is an annual holiday that is idiosyncratic to Barcelona. It commemorates the Mother of Jesus; for she is the patroness of the city. The holiday has been celebrated since 1871 on the 24th of September every year, with a governmental program of special activities.

It is believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to King James of Aragon and St. Peter Nolasco in the 13th century, and plead them to create a religious order denominated the Mercedarian Order – an endeavor to free the Christian captives from the Moors, regardless of the ramifications. The Mercedarian Order was not ceased after accomplishing its primary task; but rather, it continued to thrive.

In the year 1687, the governing council of Barcelona, after failing to put an end to the plague of locusts, prayed for Mary’s succor. The interposition of the Virgin Mary to relieve the city of the epidemic was recognized by the Mercedarian Order, and a feast day was established to commemorate and honor the Virgin Mary for her perpetual efforts in saving the city.

Dates for La Mercè from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
La Mercè 2030TuesdaySep 24th in 2554 days
La Mercè 2029MondaySep 24th in 2189 days
La Mercè 2028SundaySep 24th in 1824 days
La Mercè 2027FridaySep 24th in 1458 days
La Mercè 2026ThursdaySep 24th in 1093 days
La Mercè 2025WednesdaySep 24th in 728 days
La Mercè 2024TuesdaySep 24th in 363 days
La Mercè 2023SundaySep 24th 2 days ago
La Mercè 2022SaturdaySep 24th 367 days ago
La Mercè 2021FridaySep 24th 732 days ago
La Mercè 2020ThursdaySep 24th 1097 days ago
La Mercè 2019TuesdaySep 24th 1463 days ago
La Mercè 2018MondaySep 24th 1828 days ago
La Mercè 2017SundaySep 24th 2193 days ago
La Mercè 2016SaturdaySep 24th 2558 days ago
La Mercè 2015ThursdaySep 24th 2924 days ago
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