Religious Holidays, How to track?

Is there anyone who doesn’t use a calendar? Absolutely not. There are several media from which we can access a calendar, and more importantly in the 21st century, there is a need for us to access the calendar easily and remotely, this is why an online calendar is important.

Humans are religious beings since we practice various religions, we celebrate the several special days in our religions every now and then, so there is need to keep track of these religious holidays like the  Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist Holidays. This enables us to plan ahead, and not be caught unawares. For this purpose, there is a need for a tool to curate all of the religious holidays and events, for easy access.

CalenderZ, is an online tool used to keep track of the numerous religious events in one place. With CalendarZ, It is no longer necessary to keep a paper calendar on your desk to keep track of the several religious events.

In the last couple of years, the wall calendars, desk flip calendars and the rest have become obsolete, people now struggle to keep up with them, and consequently, these forms of a calendar can no longer be used to full potential. So having an online platform to remind and inform you of the next important religious holiday is priceless.

For instance, there are quite a number of Muslim holidays in the Gregorian calendar, and one may forget due them because some of the dates are not fixed. While the Hindu Holidays and Sikh Holidays may not be popular in the west, there may be people practicing these religions there, so there is a need for people to remain informed through an online calendar like CalendarZ.

Why an online calendar is important to track your religious holidays

Easy access

The access to an online calendar like Calendarz is easy and can be done remotely from any internet enabled device. It doesn’t matter if you are tracking Muslim or Christian Holidays, the calendar can be accessed from any device whatsoever.

Easily schedule of vacations

While the Christian holidays are almost global celebrations, the Sik Holidays, for instance, are not as global, so there is need for an online calendar which can aid a prompt remainder for easy schedule of your vacation, meeting, appointments, etc. it also allows you to schedule promotions to target those dates, thereby improving your revenue.

Boost productivity

Online calendars can help you improve your productivity. This is possible when you know the next break/holiday in your office and want to work to meet the deadline. This makes you schedule your job to finish the most important tasks before any deadline or any major celebration.


It is not only Muslim holidays or celebrations which have tentative dates, but there are also other religions which have dates that change from time to time. For instance, Easter celebration is one of the Christian holidays and its date is not permanently fixed, unlike Christmas. So with an online calendar, you are easily reminded of the next date, then you can schedule your activities to avoid any clash.

The importance of an online calendar cannot be overemphasized.