When is Family Day (Canada) 2028?

Family Day (Canada) 2028 is on Monday 21st Feb, 2028 (21/02/2028) in 1405 days

What is Family Day (Canada)?

Family Day (Canada)

In Canada, Family Day is a public holiday that is celebrated on two distinctive dates across 5 provinces. It typically falls in February, with the difference of it being on the second Monday of said month in British Columbia. Whilst in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick, it falls on the third Monday – coinciding with Heritage Day, where people explore the heritage and history of their families.

Family Day is an essay to bring families together to celebrate the importance of family life. Many people celebrate the day by partaking in family activities, such as playing board games, watching movies, and visiting art exhibitions. Moreover, some people exploit the long weekend to travel or to visit relatives and friends.

Dates for Family Day (Canada) from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Family Day (Canada) 2030MondayFeb 18th in 2133 days
Family Day (Canada) 2029MondayFeb 19th in 1769 days
Family Day (Canada) 2028MondayFeb 21st in 1405 days
Family Day (Canada) 2027MondayFeb 15th in 1034 days
Family Day (Canada) 2026MondayFeb 16th in 670 days
Family Day (Canada) 2025MondayFeb 17th in 306 days
Family Day (Canada) 2024MondayFeb 19th 57 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2023MondayFeb 20th 421 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2022MondayFeb 21st 785 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2021MondayFeb 15th 1156 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2020MondayFeb 17th 1520 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2019MondayFeb 18th 1884 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2018MondayFeb 19th 2248 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2017MondayFeb 20th 2612 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2016MondayFeb 15th 2983 days ago
Family Day (Canada) 2015MondayFeb 16th 3347 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateFeb 21, 2028
When? Starts in 1405 days
Duration1 Day
Type Canada Holidays

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