When is Thanksgiving (Canada) 2023?

Thanksgiving (Canada) 2023 started on Monday 9th Oct, 2023 (09/10/2023) 280 days ago

What is Thanksgiving (Canada)?

Thanksgiving (Canada)

Thanksgiving Day in Canada falls on the second Monday of October every year. It is a national holiday where all businesses are closed, and employees have the liberty to repudiate any work legally on that day. Whereas public transports follow a tight schedule, if any.

Thanksgiving is prominent for family gatherings over dinner, where roast turkey is prepared in nigh every household, along with other seasonal produce. Families of non-European descent, however, may deflect from the traditional meals, and have other repasts, instead. The three-day vacation of the Thanksgiving weekend is also a great chance for people to travel or have a short break in their holiday homes; to enjoy the warm autumn weather and its dazzling colors.

Dates for Thanksgiving (Canada) from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2030MondayOct 14th in 2281 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2029MondayOct 8th in 1910 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2028MondayOct 9th in 1546 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2027MondayOct 11th in 1182 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2026MondayOct 12th in 818 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2025MondayOct 13th in 454 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2024MondayOct 14th in 90 days
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2023MondayOct 9th 280 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2022MondayOct 10th 644 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2021MondayOct 11th 1008 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2020MondayOct 12th 1372 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2019MondayOct 14th 1736 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2018MondayOct 8th 2107 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2017MondayOct 9th 2471 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2016MondayOct 10th 2835 days ago
Thanksgiving (Canada) 2015MondayOct 12th 3199 days ago
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