When is All Hallows Eve 2028?

All Hallows Eve 2028 is on Tuesday 31st Oct, 2028 (31/10/2028) in 1569 days

What is All Hallows Eve?

All Hallows Eve

This is a celebration observed on October 31 in many countries. It is also known as the Western Christian Feast of all Saints. This celebration begins with the three days of observance of the feast of all Saints. In the liturgical year, the feast of all saints is the time that is specially dedicated to remembering those who are no longer in this world, including martyrs and saints.

There is a common belief that most Halloween traditions come from the Samhain Gaelic Festival, one of the ancient Celtic harvest festivals. In addition, people believe that the roots of these festivals are pagan. Finally, it was the church itself that Christianized Samhain to be Halloween.

Dates for All Hallows Eve from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of All Hallows Eve is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
All Hallows Eve 2030ThursdayOct 31st in 2299 days
All Hallows Eve 2029WednesdayOct 31st in 1934 days
All Hallows Eve 2028TuesdayOct 31st in 1569 days
All Hallows Eve 2027SundayOct 31st in 1203 days
All Hallows Eve 2026SaturdayOct 31st in 838 days
All Hallows Eve 2025FridayOct 31st in 473 days
All Hallows Eve 2024ThursdayOct 31st in 108 days
All Hallows Eve 2023TuesdayOct 31st 257 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2022MondayOct 31st 622 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2021SundayOct 31st 987 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2020SaturdayOct 31st 1352 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2019ThursdayOct 31st 1718 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2018WednesdayOct 31st 2083 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2017TuesdayOct 31st 2448 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2016MondayOct 31st 2813 days ago
All Hallows Eve 2015SaturdayOct 31st 3179 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateOct 31, 2028
When? Starts in 1569 days
Duration1 Day
Type Christian Holidays

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