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1st November 2022, Tuesday

What is All Saints' Day?

All Saints' Day

Christians have a special festival yclept All Saints’ Day, which is commemorated in honor of all the saints. It is habitually celebrated on the first day of November in many western churches, such as the Roman Catholic; and Protestant churches, including the Methodist, the Anglican, and the Lutheran churches. On the other hand, All Saints’ Day is held on the first Sunday following Pentecost by eastern churches, including the Eastern Orthodox Church, cognate Catholic churches due east, and the Byzantine Lutheran churches. Whereas the Oriental Orthodox churches of Chaldea celebrate it on the first Friday subsequent to Easter, along with other Eastern Catholic churches.

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When is All Saints' Day?

How long until All Saints' Day?
Next All Saints' Day takes place in 30 Days.
Dates of All Saints' Day
2030 Friday1st Nov
2029 Thursday1st Nov
2028 Wednesday1st Nov
2027 Monday1st Nov
2026 Sunday1st Nov
2025 Saturday1st Nov
2024 Friday1st Nov
2023 Wednesday1st Nov
2022 Tuesday1st Nov
2021 Monday1st Nov
2020 Sunday1st Nov
2019 Friday1st Nov
2018 Thursday1st Nov
2017 Wednesday1st Nov
2016 Tuesday1st Nov
2015 Sunday1st Nov
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