Next Coptic Christmas Day holiday is on

7th January 2022, Friday

What is Coptic Christmas Day?

Coptic Christmas Day

The majority of Christians in Egypt are Copts – belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church. In Egypt, Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January in lieu of the 25th of December; a tradition followed by few Christians around the world, like in Ethiopia and by some Orthodox Christians in Russia and Serbia.

Coptic Christmas Day also known as

When is Coptic Christmas Day?

How long until Coptic Christmas Day?
Next Coptic Christmas Day takes place in 103 Days.
Dates of Coptic Christmas Day
2024 Sunday7th Jan
2023 Saturday7th Jan
2022 Friday7th Jan
2021 Thursday7th Jan
2020 Tuesday7th Jan
2019 Monday7th Jan
2018 Sunday7th Jan
2016 Thursday7th Jan
2015 Wednesday7th Jan
1 Day

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