When is July 23 revolution 2019?

July 23 revolution 2019 started on Tuesday 23rd Jul, 2019 (23/07/2019) 58 days ago

What is July 23 revolution?

July 23 revolution

The 23rd of July of the year 1952 marks the July 23 Revolution – a military coup d’état by the Free Officers Movement to oust King Farouk. The mutiny was led by Mohammed Naguib and Gamal Abd El-Nasser. The movement, nevertheless, did not only exile and overthrow the King, but also enforced more political schemes. Following the abdication of King Farouk; the King of Egypt and Sudan, the movement abolished the monarchy, prompting the end of Muhammad Ali dynasty’s rule, and inaugurated a republic. Moreover, the movement ceased the British occupation of Egypt, and secured the sovereignty of Sudan, after being an Anglo-Egyptian condominium. The insurgent movement widely expressed their anti-imperialism and pro-nationalism agenda.

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July 23 revolution 2024TuesdayJul 23rd in 1768 days
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July 23 revolution 2022SaturdayJul 23rd in 1037 days
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July 23 revolution 2020ThursdayJul 23rd in 307 days
July 23 revolution 2019TuesdayJul 23rd 58 days ago
July 23 revolution 2018MondayJul 23rd 423 days ago
July 23 revolution 2017SundayJul 23rd 788 days ago
July 23 revolution 2016SaturdayJul 23rd 1153 days ago
July 23 revolution 2015ThursdayJul 23rd 1519 days ago
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