When is Bhai Dooj 2016?

Bhai Dooj 2016 started on Tuesday 1st Nov, 2016 (01/11/2016) 2678 days ago

What is Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is a religious Hindu ceremony that is observed in the Indian subcontinent, and is commemorated on the second lunar day in the month of Kartika. Also, it is a public holiday in Nepal. Bhai Dooj is usually celebrated alongside the Diwali or Tihar festivals. During the observance, brothers bestow gifts and presents to their sisters.

Dates for Bhai Dooj from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Bhai Dooj 2030MondayOct 28th in 2430 days
Bhai Dooj 2029WednesdayNov 7th in 2075 days
Bhai Dooj 2028ThursdayOct 19th in 1691 days
Bhai Dooj 2027SundayOct 31st in 1337 days
Bhai Dooj 2026TuesdayNov 10th in 982 days
Bhai Dooj 2025ThursdayOct 23rd in 599 days
Bhai Dooj 2024SundayNov 3rd in 245 days
Bhai Dooj 2023TuesdayNov 14th 109 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2022WednesdayOct 26th 493 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2021SaturdayNov 6th 847 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2020MondayNov 16th 1202 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2019TuesdayOct 29th 1586 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2018FridayNov 9th 1940 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2017SaturdayOct 21st 2324 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2016TuesdayNov 1st 2678 days ago
Bhai Dooj 2015FridayNov 13th 3032 days ago
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Start DateNov 1, 2016
When? Ended 2678 days ago
Duration1 Day
Type Hindu Holidays

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