When is Onam 2028?

Onam 2028 is on Friday 1st Sep, 2028 (01/09/2028) in 1990 days

What is Onam?


Hindus have three substantial festivals, which are Vishu, Thiruvanthira, and Onam – with the latter being a harvest festival that is observed in the month of Chingam on the Malayalam calendar, coinciding with the Gregorian months of August and September. Onam originated in the Indian state Kerala, and it honors King Mahabali, a benignant king in the Hindu mythology, whose spirit is believed to visit Kerala during Onam. The day is celebrated with several ceremonies, including but not limited to boat races; martial arts; tug of war; plantain offerings and flower arrangements; worship; music and various dances, such as tiger dance, mask dance, women’s dance, and folk songs and dance.

Dates for Onam from 2015 to 2029

The next occurrence of Onam is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Onam 2029WednesdayAug 22nd in 2345 days
Onam 2028FridaySep 1st in 1990 days
Onam 2027SundaySep 12th in 1635 days
Onam 2026WednesdayAug 26th in 1253 days
Onam 2025FridaySep 5th in 898 days
Onam 2024SundaySep 15th in 543 days
Onam 2023TuesdayAug 29th in 160 days
Onam 2022ThursdaySep 8th 194 days ago
Onam 2021SaturdayAug 21st 577 days ago
Onam 2020MondayAug 31st 932 days ago
Onam 2019TuesdaySep 10th 1288 days ago
Onam 2018SaturdayAug 25th 1669 days ago
Onam 2017MondaySep 4th 2024 days ago
Onam 2016TuesdaySep 13th 2380 days ago
Onam 2015FridayAug 28th 2762 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateSep 1, 2028
When? Starts in 1990 days
Duration1 Day
Type Hindu Holidays

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