When is Boxing Day 2022?

Boxing Day 2022 is on Monday 26th Dec, 2022 (26/12/2022) in 906 days

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a public holiday celebrated annually post-Christmas, specifically, on the 26th of December. On that day, stores open earlier than usual and instigate their one-week long sales, instead of the quondam one-day sales. In some areas, however, stores are closed on Boxing Day, and the sales commence the following day.

Boxing Day is prominent for its sporting events, where various ice hockey championships are shown on television channels; making watching sporting events on television a favored activity.

Dates for Boxing Day from 2015 to 2024

The next occurrence of Boxing Day is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Boxing Day 2024ThursdayDec 26th in 1637 days
Boxing Day 2023TuesdayDec 26th in 1271 days
Boxing Day 2022MondayDec 26th in 906 days
Boxing Day 2021SundayDec 26th in 541 days
Boxing Day 2020SaturdayDec 26th in 176 days
Boxing Day 2019ThursdayDec 26th 189 days ago
Boxing Day 2018WednesdayDec 26th 554 days ago
Boxing Day 2017TuesdayDec 26th 919 days ago
Boxing Day 2016MondayDec 26th 1284 days ago
Boxing Day 2015SaturdayDec 26th 1650 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateDec 26, 2022
When? Starts in 906 days
Duration1 Day
Type Other Days

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