When is Labor Day (May) 2022?

Labor Day (May) 2022 started on Sunday 1st May, 2022 (01/05/2022) 719 days ago

What is Labor Day (May)?

Labor Day (May)

Many countries around the world celebrate Labor Day on the first day of May. However, the date is different in some countries. It is a public holiday dedicated to the celebration of workers’ contribution to the society, and it coincides with the beginning of spring.

Dates for Labor Day (May) from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Labor Day (May) 2030WednesdayMay 1st in 2202 days
Labor Day (May) 2029TuesdayMay 1st in 1837 days
Labor Day (May) 2028MondayMay 1st in 1472 days
Labor Day (May) 2027SaturdayMay 1st in 1106 days
Labor Day (May) 2026FridayMay 1st in 741 days
Labor Day (May) 2025ThursdayMay 1st in 376 days
Labor Day (May) 2024WednesdayMay 1st in 11 days
Labor Day (May) 2023MondayMay 1st 354 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2022SundayMay 1st 719 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2021SaturdayMay 1st 1084 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2020FridayMay 1st 1449 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2019WednesdayMay 1st 1815 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2018TuesdayMay 1st 2180 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2017MondayMay 1st 2545 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2016SundayMay 1st 2910 days ago
Labor Day (May) 2015FridayMay 1st 3276 days ago
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