When is Monkey Day 2018?

Monkey Day 2018 started on Friday 14th Dec, 2018 (14/12/2018) 1448 days ago

What is Monkey Day?

Monkey Day

Monkey Day –also known as World Monkey Day, and International Monkey Day– is an unofficial holiday that is observed on the 14th of December every year to commemorate monkeys and simians in general. It was instigated by artists Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin during their undergraduate studies period in Michigan State University.

Dates for Monkey Day from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Monkey Day 2030SaturdayDec 14th in 2934 days
Monkey Day 2029FridayDec 14th in 2569 days
Monkey Day 2028ThursdayDec 14th in 2204 days
Monkey Day 2027TuesdayDec 14th in 1838 days
Monkey Day 2026MondayDec 14th in 1473 days
Monkey Day 2025SundayDec 14th in 1108 days
Monkey Day 2024SaturdayDec 14th in 743 days
Monkey Day 2023ThursdayDec 14th in 377 days
Monkey Day 2022WednesdayDec 14th in 12 days
Monkey Day 2021TuesdayDec 14th 352 days ago
Monkey Day 2020MondayDec 14th 717 days ago
Monkey Day 2019SaturdayDec 14th 1083 days ago
Monkey Day 2018FridayDec 14th 1448 days ago
Monkey Day 2017ThursdayDec 14th 1813 days ago
Monkey Day 2016WednesdayDec 14th 2178 days ago
Monkey Day 2015MondayDec 14th 2544 days ago
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Start DateDec 14, 2018
When? Ended 1448 days ago
Duration1 Day
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