When is World Heart Day 2029?

World Heart Day 2029 is on Saturday 29th Sep, 2029 (29/09/2029) in 1988 days

What is World Heart Day?

World Heart Day

World Heart Day is an annual event held on September 29th to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and promote healthy heart habits. CVD is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 18 million deaths each year. This global campaign aims to educate people about the risk factors for CVD and to encourage them to take steps to prevent and manage the disease.

The theme for World Heart Day changes each year, but the objective remains the same: to raise awareness about the importance of heart health and to promote healthy habits that can prevent CVD. There are many risk factors for CVD, including smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. By making small lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and quitting smoking, people can significantly reduce their risk of developing CVD.

The impact of World Heart Day is significant, as it provides an opportunity to remind people about the importance of maintaining good heart health. By raising awareness about the risk factors for CVD and promoting healthy habits, we can work towards reducing the incidence of heart disease and improving the quality of life for those affected by the disease. Let's use this occasion to educate ourselves and others about the importance of heart health, and to take steps towards a healthier future.

Dates for World Heart Day from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
World Heart Day 2030SundaySep 29th in 2353 days
World Heart Day 2029SaturdaySep 29th in 1988 days
World Heart Day 2028FridaySep 29th in 1623 days
World Heart Day 2027WednesdaySep 29th in 1257 days
World Heart Day 2026TuesdaySep 29th in 892 days
World Heart Day 2025MondaySep 29th in 527 days
World Heart Day 2024SundaySep 29th in 162 days
World Heart Day 2023FridaySep 29th 203 days ago
World Heart Day 2022ThursdaySep 29th 568 days ago
World Heart Day 2021WednesdaySep 29th 933 days ago
World Heart Day 2020TuesdaySep 29th 1298 days ago
World Heart Day 2019SundaySep 29th 1664 days ago
World Heart Day 2018SaturdaySep 29th 2029 days ago
World Heart Day 2017FridaySep 29th 2394 days ago
World Heart Day 2016ThursdaySep 29th 2759 days ago
World Heart Day 2015TuesdaySep 29th 3125 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateSep 29, 2029
When? Starts in 1988 days
Duration1 Day
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