When is Andalusia Day 2030?

Andalusia Day 2030 is on Thursday 28th Feb, 2030 (28/02/2030) in 2141 days

What is Andalusia Day?

Andalusia Day

The 28th of February marks Andalusia Day –also cleped Día de Andalucía– which is a public holiday in Andalusia. It celebrates the sovereignty of Andalusia in 1980, following a referendum where the majority of voters were in favor of the autonomy of Andalusia.

The celebrations are rather quiet, for the most part, where many people prefer spending the day relaxing with family or friends. Nonetheless, other people follow a more energetic approach, where they attend private parties with traditional music, dancing, food, and drinks. Moreover, some communal meals are held by boroughs, along with entertainment events.

Dates for Andalusia Day from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Andalusia Day is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Andalusia Day 2030ThursdayFeb 28th in 2141 days
Andalusia Day 2029WednesdayFeb 28th in 1776 days
Andalusia Day 2028MondayFeb 28th in 1410 days
Andalusia Day 2027SundayFeb 28th in 1045 days
Andalusia Day 2026SaturdayFeb 28th in 680 days
Andalusia Day 2025FridayFeb 28th in 315 days
Andalusia Day 2024WednesdayFeb 28th 50 days ago
Andalusia Day 2023TuesdayFeb 28th 415 days ago
Andalusia Day 2022MondayFeb 28th 780 days ago
Andalusia Day 2021SundayFeb 28th 1145 days ago
Andalusia Day 2020FridayFeb 28th 1511 days ago
Andalusia Day 2019ThursdayFeb 28th 1876 days ago
Andalusia Day 2018WednesdayFeb 28th 2241 days ago
Andalusia Day 2017TuesdayFeb 28th 2606 days ago
Andalusia Day 2016SundayFeb 28th 2972 days ago
Andalusia Day 2015SaturdayFeb 28th 3337 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateFeb 28, 2030
When? Starts in 2141 days
Duration1 Day
Type Spain Holidays

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