When is Canary Islands Day 2024?

Canary Islands Day 2024 is on Thursday 30th May, 2024 (30/05/2024) in 1030 days

What is Canary Islands Day?

Canary Islands Day

The sovereign community of the Canary Islands, Spain, has a dedicated public holiday denominated Canary Islands Day. It is celebrated annually on the 30th of May; marking the commencement of the first legislature assembly which was held on the same day in 1983.

The Canary Islands are an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, comprising seven islands, with two capitals Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Canaries are usually colloquially referred to with the epithet “Canaria” – a word derived from Latin, which means “Great Island of Dogs”; due to the excessive number of dogs inhibiting the archipelago. The aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands were the Guanches, who, according to recent researches, were genetically analogous to present-day Berbers. The Canaries gained their autonomy in the late 15th century; becoming a major milestone in the history of Spain as it made its way to the new world.

Dates for Canary Islands Day from 2015 to 2024

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Canary Islands Day 2024ThursdayMay 30th in 1030 days
Canary Islands Day 2023TuesdayMay 30th in 664 days
Canary Islands Day 2022MondayMay 30th in 299 days
Canary Islands Day 2021SundayMay 30th 65 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2020SaturdayMay 30th 430 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2019ThursdayMay 30th 796 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2018WednesdayMay 30th 1161 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2017TuesdayMay 30th 1526 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2016MondayMay 30th 1891 days ago
Canary Islands Day 2015SaturdayMay 30th 2257 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateMay 30, 2024
When? Starts in 1030 days
Duration1 Day
Type Spain Holidays

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