When is Day of Murcia 2024?

Day of Murcia 2024 is on Monday 10th Jun, 2024 (10/06/2024) in 257 days

What is Day of Murcia?

Day of Murcia

The autonomous community of the Region of Murcia, Spain, celebrates the Day of Murcia on the 9th of June every year. It is a public holiday for the general public, where schools and most businesses are closed.

On the days leading to the Day of Murcia, children are usually educated on the history, geography, and culture of Murcia. On the day itself, many people take to the streets in celebration and wave the flag of Murcia, whilst others display the flag on public buildings and private abodes. The day is typically observed with several events, including sports events; communal meals; wine and traditional dishes tasting; modern and traditional music concerts; and exhibiting the works of local artists.

Dates for Day of Murcia from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Day of Murcia 2030MondayJun 10th in 2448 days
Day of Murcia 2029SundayJun 10th in 2083 days
Day of Murcia 2028SaturdayJun 10th in 1718 days
Day of Murcia 2027ThursdayJun 10th in 1352 days
Day of Murcia 2026WednesdayJun 10th in 987 days
Day of Murcia 2025TuesdayJun 10th in 622 days
Day of Murcia 2024MondayJun 10th in 257 days
Day of Murcia 2023FridayJun 9th 109 days ago
Day of Murcia 2022ThursdayJun 9th 474 days ago
Day of Murcia 2021WednesdayJun 9th 839 days ago
Day of Murcia 2020TuesdayJun 9th 1204 days ago
Day of Murcia 2019MondayJun 10th 1569 days ago
Day of Murcia 2018SaturdayJun 9th 1935 days ago
Day of Murcia 2017FridayJun 9th 2300 days ago
Day of Murcia 2016ThursdayJun 9th 2665 days ago
Day of Murcia 2015TuesdayJun 9th 3031 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateJun 10, 2024
When? Starts in 257 days
Duration1 Day
Type Spain Holidays

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