When is Hispanic Day 2028?

Hispanic Day 2028 is on Thursday 12th Oct, 2028 (12/10/2028) in 1682 days

What is Hispanic Day?

Hispanic Day

Hispanic Day is an annual celebration in Spain which falls on the 12th of October, coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar in the autonomous Spanish region, Aragon. Hispanic Day is a public holiday for the general population, and it commemorates the advent of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492.

The celebrations of Hispanic Day take place in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, where the national flag of Spain is raised, overseen by the king. Subsequently, a military parade comprised of representatives of the Spanish military units is led by the king and the prime minister. Above the pre-determined parade route, military airshows are conducted, where military planes spray yellow and red smoke; representing the flag of Spain. These events and celebrations are usually broadcasted live on news and media outlets.

Dates for Hispanic Day from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Hispanic Day is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Hispanic Day 2030SaturdayOct 12th in 2412 days
Hispanic Day 2029FridayOct 12th in 2047 days
Hispanic Day 2028ThursdayOct 12th in 1682 days
Hispanic Day 2027TuesdayOct 12th in 1316 days
Hispanic Day 2026MondayOct 12th in 951 days
Hispanic Day 2025SundayOct 12th in 586 days
Hispanic Day 2024SaturdayOct 12th in 221 days
Hispanic Day 2023ThursdayOct 12th 144 days ago
Hispanic Day 2022WednesdayOct 12th 509 days ago
Hispanic Day 2021TuesdayOct 12th 874 days ago
Hispanic Day 2020MondayOct 12th 1239 days ago
Hispanic Day 2019SaturdayOct 12th 1605 days ago
Hispanic Day 2018FridayOct 12th 1970 days ago
Hispanic Day 2017ThursdayOct 12th 2335 days ago
Hispanic Day 2016WednesdayOct 12th 2700 days ago
Hispanic Day 2015MondayOct 12th 3066 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateOct 12, 2028
When? Starts in 1682 days
Duration1 Day
Type Spain Holidays

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