When is Discovery Day (Yukon) 2030?

Discovery Day (Yukon) 2030 is on Monday 19th Aug, 2030 (19/08/2030) in 2226 days

What is Discovery Day (Yukon)?

Discovery Day (Yukon)

Discovery Day is a public holiday in Yukon, Canada, which commemorates the discovery of gold in Bonanza Creek, Dawson City in 1896. It typically falls on the third Monday of August, replacing the Civic holiday, and it is quite different from Newfoundland and Labrador’s Discovery Day.

Multifarious activities and celebratory events are held across various cities in Yukon, such as Dawson City, where the gold was discovered; Whitehorse, which is Yukon’s capital; and Watson Lake, which is limned the “gateway to Yukon recreation”. These events include watching historical street theatre, golf tournaments, and fun runs. Not to mention, Discovery Day is a great opportunity for people visiting Dawson City to photograph the Royal Canadian Mounted Police –officially known as Mounties– in their uniform.

Dates for Discovery Day (Yukon) from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2030MondayAug 19th in 2226 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2029MondayAug 20th in 1862 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2028MondayAug 21st in 1498 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2027MondayAug 16th in 1127 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2026MondayAug 17th in 763 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2025MondayAug 18th in 399 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2024MondayAug 19th in 35 days
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2023MondayAug 21st 328 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2022MondayAug 15th 699 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2021MondayAug 16th 1063 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2020MondayAug 17th 1427 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2019MondayAug 19th 1791 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2018MondayAug 20th 2155 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2017MondayAug 21st 2519 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2016MondayAug 15th 2890 days ago
Discovery Day (Yukon) 2015MondayAug 17th 3254 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateAug 19, 2030
When? Starts in 2226 days
Duration1 Day
Type Canada Holidays

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