When is Nunavut Day 2021?

Nunavut Day 2021 started on Friday 9th Jul, 2021 (09/07/2021) 1014 days ago

What is Nunavut Day?

Nunavut Day

Nunavut Day is an annual celebration that marks the passing of two acts by the Canadian Parliament in 1993; which led to the official split of Nunavut from the Northwest Territories – becoming a Canadian territory in 1999.

Nunavut Day is celebrated in Nunavut on the 9th of July, where it is a public holiday associated with numerous events, such as communal meals, public speeches, dances, and spreading knowledge apropos Nunavut’s history and culture. Not to mention, on this day, winners of the Nunavut Day Cultural and Academic Grants are declared and awarded grants to improve their skills and facilitate their academic research and studies.

Dates for Nunavut Day from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Nunavut Day 2030TuesdayJul 9th in 2272 days
Nunavut Day 2029MondayJul 9th in 1907 days
Nunavut Day 2028SundayJul 9th in 1542 days
Nunavut Day 2027FridayJul 9th in 1176 days
Nunavut Day 2026ThursdayJul 9th in 811 days
Nunavut Day 2025WednesdayJul 9th in 446 days
Nunavut Day 2024TuesdayJul 9th in 81 days
Nunavut Day 2023SundayJul 9th 284 days ago
Nunavut Day 2022SaturdayJul 9th 649 days ago
Nunavut Day 2021FridayJul 9th 1014 days ago
Nunavut Day 2020ThursdayJul 9th 1379 days ago
Nunavut Day 2019TuesdayJul 9th 1745 days ago
Nunavut Day 2018MondayJul 9th 2110 days ago
Nunavut Day 2017SundayJul 9th 2475 days ago
Nunavut Day 2016SaturdayJul 9th 2840 days ago
Nunavut Day 2015ThursdayJul 9th 3206 days ago
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Start DateJul 9, 2021
When? Ended 1014 days ago
Duration1 Day
Type Canada Holidays

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