When is Saint Nicholas Day 2020?

Saint Nicholas Day 2020 started on Sunday 6th Dec, 2020 (06/12/2020) 361 days ago

What is Saint Nicholas Day?

Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day is a day of festivities in different countries, and it celebrates Saint Nicholas, who is reputable as the endower of gifts. Christians due west generally celebrate it on the fifth or sixth of December, whereas Christians due east celebrate it on the 19th of December. Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated differently in each country, for example, in the United States, children place their footwear in the entryway the night leading to Saint Nicholas Day; hoping that Saint Nicholas will leave treats in them. In Europe, German and Polish kids observe the day by begging for food and money dressed as bishops, to be later given to the poor. In the Ukraine, children believe that their behavior throughout the year dictates whether or not they get a gift from Saint Nicholas. Whilst in the Netherlands, people bestow gifts labeled with idiosyncratic witty rhythmic remarks, whereas the children leave food for Saint Nicholas’ horse.

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Saint Nicholas Day 2024FridayDec 6th in 1099 days
Saint Nicholas Day 2023WednesdayDec 6th in 733 days
Saint Nicholas Day 2022TuesdayDec 6th in 368 days
Saint Nicholas Day 2021MondayDec 6th in 3 days
Saint Nicholas Day 2020SundayDec 6th 361 days ago
Saint Nicholas Day 2019FridayDec 6th 727 days ago
Saint Nicholas Day 2018ThursdayDec 6th 1092 days ago
Saint Nicholas Day 2017WednesdayDec 6th 1457 days ago
Saint Nicholas Day 2016TuesdayDec 6th 1822 days ago
Saint Nicholas Day 2015SundayDec 6th 2188 days ago
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Start DateDec 6, 2020
When? Ended 361 days ago
Duration1 Day
Type Christian Holidays

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