When is Valencian Community Day 2023?

Valencian Community Day 2023 is on Monday 9th Oct, 2023 (09/10/2023) in 619 days

What is Valencian Community Day?

Valencian Community Day

The 9th of October marks two distinctive celebrations in Valencia; the first being the Day of the Valencian Community, whilst the second is the Day of Saint Dionysius. Day of the Valencian Community is the prominent celebration on that day, and it commences right after the end of the International Festival of Pyrotechnics. The day is usually celebrated in Valencia and its neighboring towns and villages with various festivities, including communal meals, parties, and parades featuring people dressed in costumes, especially medieval costumes.

On the other hand, the Day of Saint Dionysius commemorates the patron saint of lovers who were given the soubriquet “The Areopagite”. There is a special tradition yclept Mocaorà associated with the day, where Valencian men give their beloved sweets made with marzipan wrapped in a silken scarf, or placed in a decorative box.

The Day of the Valencian Community is a holiday in Valencia only, where the populace takes the day off, and most organizations, businesses, and stores are closed. However, some bakeries and grocery stores may be open for business. Whereas public transports are usually running, though to a reduced timetable. There may be some impediments to traffic due to the parades, especially in the heart of towns and villages.

If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the authorities usually push it to a different day. In case of falling on a working day two days prior to, or subsequent to, a weekend holiday, many businesses and organizations usually take the in-between day off, as well.

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Valencian Community Day 2024WednesdayOct 9th in 985 days
Valencian Community Day 2023MondayOct 9th in 619 days
Valencian Community Day 2022SundayOct 9th in 254 days
Valencian Community Day 2021SaturdayOct 9th 110 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2020FridayOct 9th 475 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2019WednesdayOct 9th 841 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2018TuesdayOct 9th 1206 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2017MondayOct 9th 1571 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2016SundayOct 9th 1936 days ago
Valencian Community Day 2015FridayOct 9th 2302 days ago
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Start DateOct 9, 2023
When? Starts in 619 days
Duration1 Day
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