When is Remembrance Day (Canada) 2027?

Remembrance Day (Canada) 2027 is on Thursday 11th Nov, 2027 (11/11/2027) in 1806 days

What is Remembrance Day (Canada)?

Remembrance Day (Canada)

In Canada, Remembrance Day honors and memorializes those who perished and lost their lives in all sorts of armed conflicts. It typically falls on the 11th of November each year, where it is a day off in some areas, and a normal working day in others.

On the weeks leading to Remembrance Day, myriads of people wear artificial poppies with varying colors for different symbolisms. For example, white poppies betoken the non-military interventions, whilst the red poppies are intended to pay homage for those who died.

Church services are usually organized on Remembrance Day, where certain musical pieces are played and particular verses of “Ode of Remembrance” are recited, followed by two minutes of silence at 11 am. Thereupon, war memorials are decorated with wreaths. Moreover, schools which are open on that day endue special presentations anent those who died in the armed conflicts.

The official ceremonies of Remembrance Day in Canada take place in Ottawa, Ontario, at the National War Memorial, where the remains of an unidentified Canadian soldier who died in World War I are laid in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Dates for Remembrance Day (Canada) from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2030MondayNov 11th in 2902 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2029SundayNov 11th in 2537 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2028SaturdayNov 11th in 2172 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2027ThursdayNov 11th in 1806 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2026WednesdayNov 11th in 1441 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2025TuesdayNov 11th in 1076 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2024MondayNov 11th in 711 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2023SaturdayNov 11th in 345 days
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2022FridayNov 11th 19 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2021ThursdayNov 11th 384 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2020WednesdayNov 11th 749 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2019MondayNov 11th 1115 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2018SundayNov 11th 1480 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2017SaturdayNov 11th 1845 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2016FridayNov 11th 2210 days ago
Remembrance Day (Canada) 2015WednesdayNov 11th 2576 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateNov 11, 2027
When? Starts in 1806 days
Duration1 Day
Type Canada Holidays

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