When is Reformation Day 2022?

Reformation Day 2022 started on Monday 31st Oct, 2022 (31/10/2022) 36 days ago

What is Reformation Day?

Reformation Day

On the 31st of October of every year, Protestant Christians observe Reformation Day – a religious holiday that commemorates the onset of the Reformation.

Many speculations apropos the events that occurred on the 31st of October exist; for example, according to Philip Melanchthon, that day in 1517, German monk Martin Luther nailed his theses on the door of a church, specifically, the All Saints’ Church. This conjecture, however, was never confirmed; for there is no other source to substantiate the notion. Available information impart that the 31st of October was the day when the Archbishop of Mainz received the work of Martin Luther, which is now regarded as the inception of the Reformation, alongside Melanchthon’s surmise.

Dates for Reformation Day from 2015 to 2030

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When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Reformation Day 2030ThursdayOct 31st in 2885 days
Reformation Day 2029WednesdayOct 31st in 2520 days
Reformation Day 2028TuesdayOct 31st in 2155 days
Reformation Day 2027SundayOct 31st in 1789 days
Reformation Day 2026SaturdayOct 31st in 1424 days
Reformation Day 2025FridayOct 31st in 1059 days
Reformation Day 2024ThursdayOct 31st in 694 days
Reformation Day 2023TuesdayOct 31st in 328 days
Reformation Day 2022MondayOct 31st 36 days ago
Reformation Day 2021SundayOct 31st 401 days ago
Reformation Day 2020SaturdayOct 31st 766 days ago
Reformation Day 2019ThursdayOct 31st 1132 days ago
Reformation Day 2018WednesdayOct 31st 1497 days ago
Reformation Day 2017TuesdayOct 31st 1862 days ago
Reformation Day 2016MondayOct 31st 2227 days ago
Reformation Day 2015SaturdayOct 31st 2593 days ago
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