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Historical Events on January 25

  • São Paulo


    Founding of São Paulo city, Brazil.

  • Ukraine


    Ukraine declares independence from Bolshevik Russia.

  • Pope Pius XII


    Pope Pius XII elevates the Apostolic Vicariate of the Hawaiian Islands to the dignity of a diocese. It becomes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu.

  • World War II


    World War II: Thailand declares war on the United States and United Kingdom.

  • Soviet Union


    The Soviet Union ends the state of war with Germany.

  • John F. Kennedy


    In Washington, D.C., President John F. Kennedy delivers the first live presidential television news conference.

  • Pope John Paul II


    Pope John Paul II starts his first official papal visits outside Italy to The Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

  • Pope John Paul II


    During a historic visit to Cuba, Pope John Paul II demands political reforms and the release of political prisoners while condemning US attempts to isolate the country.

  • 2003 invasion of Iraq


    Invasion of Iraq: A group of people leave London, England, for Baghdad, Iraq, to serve as human shields, intending to prevent the U.S.-led coalition troops from bombing certain locations.